The Downside to City High Life.

“You like Indie bands, your role models are either dead or non existent, and you have no job. You’re never gonna make it.”
“Who said anything about making it anywhere? Right now, I have minimal goals. First, I need the new Matches CD. Second, I need a job or something like that. Third, I should probably get some dinner before the breakfast crowd comes in. See, that’s the only downside to eating dinner at 2:00 in the morning.”
“Well, technically that’s breakfast anyway.”
“But I do—”
“Stop trying to get my off track here. Seriously. I think there might be a few things more important than dinner right now. You have no job, and you’ve been sleeping on my couch for two weeks now. My girlfriend’s getting pissed…”
“Ally is a bitch. You should dump her.”
“Your problems now, mine later. I’m giving you three days before you have to get out.”
Shit. This might pose a problem, I think to myself.

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