One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.35

My father’s face turned red, his eyes flashed, “studdying, is that your excuse for everything?” He exploded, yelling louder than he ever had before. I looked down for a minute, anger filling me. I looked up, I knew my eyes had turned the icey blue that I used when I needed to really show people that I was angry.

My father took a step back, shock covered his face. “I said I was sorry, get over it!” I was already at the front door, I opened it and slammed it shut behind me. As I walked up the stairs I heard my father come in quietly, my mother’s voice was full of shock when she saw his face. It was then that the shame hit me and it hit hard, like a bat being swung full force into my stomach.

I hurried to my room, tears already filling my eyes. When I walked in I saw Angie sitting on my bed again. “So how’d the date go?” She asked not looking up at me, she was reading a magazine. “Fine, we talked, He likes me, and I have to put a stop to that tomorrow.” My voice was weak and tired, full of tears.

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