One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.36

Angie looked up at the sound of my sad voice taking in my expression, then she was at my side in a second. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, she supported all of my weight and walked me to the bed.

“He likes you, that’s great.” She said giggling, trying to lighten the mood. I looked at her questionably, “um excuse me? Did I hear you right?” She only smiled, her eyes shinning brightly, “oh Myra, let your self love for a change!” She was whining now. “I can’t, not him, too dangerous, he’s not like me!” I choked out through sobs. “You love him.” She argued, sighing heavily as she felt me stiffen at those three words, wrapping her arms tighter trying to calm my crying.

“Just see how it goes,” she insisted, her voice turned hypnotic. “I can’t!” I whispered, shrugging her off, I dove out the window. Landing on four paws. “Come back!” Angie whispered worriedly, her whisper was only loud enough that my wolf ears could hear. I kept running knowing in the back of my mind that she would soon follow.

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