Caged Secrets

“What?” she almost choked on the lump in her throat. ”’The Scarlet Clown’? That’s who you are, right?” She couldn’t look at him. He turned to leave. Aat the last possible moment, he looked back. “I won’t tell a soul.”
For a while, all Scarlet could do was sit on the stairs and cry. “I was so careful. I made sure no one knew. How’d he find out?” She grabbed her hair and pulled, screaming in anguish. You’ll have to leave- again. You couldn’t learn from the first time. You had to start again. But, I’m helping people, aren’t I? Sure, not in the traditional sense, but I am helping them! she couldn’t help thinking. As she saw the first touch of pink in the heavens, Scarlet knew she had to go inside. Another message. This one from Charlie. And Jason. And Kyle. “Guess everyone’s worried about me. I did do a disappearing act last night.” Scarlet looked at her closet, then down at her wrinkled dress. I do not keep my secrets behind my teeth…I hang them up in my closet. And slowly, she fingered her secrets.

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