Liam and I dropped Dad off at home so he could fill Mom in on what happened. Simone had taken off before the police arrived to sort out the mess at the plaza and we were all to meet at AZC headquarters after sunset.

I tried to catch a few hours sleep but I was just too keyed up. So I prowled around my apartment while Liam dinked around online looking for info on the Coalition. There wasn’t much. Just a plain, businesslike website with a mission statement and a contact number.

I guess it would have been too much to hope for to just find their evil plans posted in a blog or something.

As dusk approached, we gathered up weapons – I sported my favorite set of knives while Liam favored his trusty .357 – and headed out to the ramshackle little house outside of town that passed as the AZC headquarters.

We approached on foot, quietly, with all of our senses on high alert. Good thing too. As we stepped into the driveway, several zombies stumbled out of the shadows, snarling, drooling, and looking for snacks.

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