Black Star Rising

Screaming. Or crying. She couldn’t be sure. It was very faint. She couldn’t tell where it was coming from either.

Without realizing she’d decided to do something, she was in the car and driving. It was as if the world had ended.

Maybe she fell through a crack and into hell.

She got on the open highway, driving as far and as fast as she could. She looked in her rear view mirror, and at the horizon behind her, a black sun was rising. It seemed to suck the light out of everything. She realized how fast she was going, racing North in hopes of finding reality once again.

The sky behind her was getting darker, and what she would have given for more of that bizarre, red light. The encroaching darkness- nobody told her that would be the end.

Up ahead, she thought she saw a white light, and the speedometer on her car topped out.

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