I want you to... (Civilization Challenge!!!!!!)

This is a challenge that celebrates no particular milestone, but I am feeling in the mood to challenge you all!

I want you to create your own country. You are the ruler of this country. It can be a rebelious barbaric regime or a civilized well-to-do nation. And it isn’t limited to this world, get creative!! Create a story or a legend around your nation. You must include a unique name for your country. What are the names of your right hand men? Are you in a war? What is your country like? What kind of ruler are you?

Whoever creates the most interesting and unique nation wins! This can also include the plot surrounding the country.

I shall be judging entries on June 15th. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Thank you in advance, and may the best Ficleteer win!!!!

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