Ideal First Date Challenge

Okay this is a random challenge. Not really one that is designated to a specific ficlet number or anything but just for anyone who wants to know (this is numero 155 for me)

So, everyone has their “Ideal first date”, whether it be a day out to the movies or a day on the beach. Whatever it is, I’d like to know it.

So If you want to enter, here are the rules;
-It must describe the scene, the characters, and/or the emotions and feelings or combine

-It can be something that actually happened(but if you can please let us know by writing “True story” or something along those lines in the title)

-It can be totally fictional

So yeah I don’t know if I’ll judge them or if i’ll have a guest judge lol or umm maybe i’ll judge by comments and rating.

So comment your heart out for the ones you like!
And enter because It would be a lot better to be picked among many then to be picked among few

Thanks and Enjoy and I’m probably gonna write on about my ideal first date as a prequel or a separate ficlet.

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