And besides, it didn’t look like she had a dime to her name. I’m all heart, but someone’s got to pay my bar tab at Dusty’s, and this broad was no meal ticket, that was for sure.

She looked like what my mother would have called trailer trash. Dirty blond hair, cheap clothes probably picked up at an outlet mall. Big old dangly earrings.The body the clothes showed off made it real hard to blame her husband’s business partner for his interest, no matter how scuzzy the timing, and even harder to believe totally in the Jesus crap. And the gloves? Translucent rubber. I’ve seen stranger things in my life, but those gloves confused me to my core.

I sighed. Might as well tell her the sad and sorry truth.

“Mrs. Nance, are you aware of what an investigation like this can cost?”

“I’ll pay whatever I have to.”

“I don’t think you understand…”

“No, you don’t understand, Mr. Lowe.”

“Just Jackson, please.”

“Jackson. I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars. It’s all yours if you find my husband’s killers.”

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