Jordan's Notebooks

Shari whispered into Monique’s ear: “I think I did something bad.”

“What did you do?” Monique asked, rubbing her ear where it tickled.

“I told Jordan that David is a very bad boy.”

A shocked look crept over Monique’s face. “He’ll never have a friend if . . .”

Monique stopped in the middle of her sentence when she saw Sheri’s eyes grow large and round like twin moons. She was staring at the door, it opened slowly, and just as slowly, David Croft’s head lead his long skinny body into the classroom.

“I hate him. He’s so stupid. He’s late again.” Shari said between clenched teeth. “Don’t you hate him Monique?”

Monique and Shari watched as David walked toward Snowball’s cage. “No, I don’t hate him.” Monique answered. “and I’ve asked you at least a hundred times why you don’t like him and you’ve never…”

Suddenly, 9 year old Jordan Marks jumped from her seat and threw her full weight into David. David fell, gangly limbs askew.

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