Assassin's trap at the Auto Zone.(Don Quixote De La Suburbia Chapter II)

“Can you give me a bottle of power stearing fluid?”

“Sure will that be all?”

Radio in the backgroundplaying news report
(blind woman attacked by unidentified man at walmart)

Hey turn that noise down i am trying to help a customer”!!!

“That will be all”

My head was still foggy from the previous day, when i fell asleep in my car and i woke up at home with a broken blindman’s cane in my Yugo grill.

That was when i saw them, The lone Wolf and Cub.
the assasin who pushes the baby cart, Itto Ogama, Blade of the Shogun.

This wouldn’t be like the last battle, i had to strike first. The cramped quarters would give me the advantage over his soui style. so i planted a doc marten squarely on the discount air filters and lept over the assasins,while spraying the killers with a bottle of armor all new car scent that blinded them, i delivered the death blow, as the sound of my purple umbrella removing his head rang in the parts store.

I wonder if that is why these umbrellas where on sale?

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