How an alien abduction helped me find true love.(ideal first date challenge)true story lol

“Dude you are 25 years old, a virgin and this is you first date, do you think maybe girls aren’t interested in the “alien agenda”?” were my brother’s words that were flying around my head when the car was forced to halt at the huge lights that filled the road.
My first date, the most uncomfortably silent dinner of my life, had been so horrible that i was really hoping that light was a super nova or a death squad.
. “Why had i asked out this smoking hot aphrodite when i was just a science fiction nerd?”, was on loop in my subconscious when i stepped out of the car to see what was the hold up was.

Ed Puffrock we have crossed the universe , so that you would come with us to zilglowaxon to be Earth’s ambassador

My escape from humiliation was halted when i heard,

“No you can’t take him please no!”

Our data said he would never be missed replied the alien ship.

“NO HE WILL BE ” she screamed

“I have waited 15 years, and I CAN ’T HIDE IT I LOVE YOU PUFFROCK DON ’T GO!! PLEASE STAY !!!”

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