Realization Challenge WINNERS =D

Ok, after one of my best challenges yet here are the winners.
I couldn’t pick the ery best, you know me. I had so many categories because I felt bad leaving some of the really really good ones out. I still feel bad because the I couldn’t let everyone win, but here they are the winners for my categories.

Comedy Realization: Mistress Elsha Hawk
Love Realization: Bartimaeus
Sad Realization: Ana Christina
Happy Ending Realization: Valley Fey/ Pinprick
Intense Realization: Howhardlifeis
Voted Best Realization:
Most Life changing Realization: Louise Madison
Creepy Realization: John Perkins
Supreme Hnorable Mention Realization :Freedom

Ok for the voted best, comment on which ficlet you thought was best OTHER than your own. Best of luck for that category and Congrats to all that winners. Also thanks for numerous enteries, ALL of them were good.

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