The Diary of Hanna M.E. Banks 5

Today I caught Chris checking me out and when we were talking (one-on-one) he told me that girls who didn’t say ‘like’ in every sentence we “absolutley adorable”. I told him that guys who hang out with the preps and ‘new girl’ even though they are ‘jocks’ are absolutely adorable too. I think he likes me and what can I say, I think I like him too! I might ask miranda to do some dirty work…

Anyway, you know the teacher I was telling you about with the compliments? I don’t like him at all. During class today h held me back for two minutes and he was staring at me. Then his next class came in and I left. I must remember to ask Miranda about how he is with other girls in the school.
I don’t think he is the best man to be at the school.

Hanna M.E. Warren, I have to stop writing that! My last name is BANKS !

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