Her Scream

There she is. I watch her as she walks in the door and sits down in the third row all the way near the wall, looking at everyone talking and messing around.

At first her expression looks blank, but if you look closely you can see it isn’t. It’s guarded, and worried. And if you look even closer, it’s desperate.

She is screaming.

With her eyes, with her movements, with her expression. Even though it’s not out loud, she wants to be heard. She wants desperately to be let out. But no one is telling her it’s ok. No one bothered to look that closely.

No one was listening.

I’m her teacher, but sometimes I think there is so little I can actually teach.

Even with all of these facts I’m asking them to learn, none of it will help if she’s trapped. Trapped in the cage she made for herself. It’s the only place she feels confortable, safe.

Can I let her out? Can I tell her I was listening? Do I have to just observe this? Is there no way I can help?

Or will she just have to keep screaming?

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