The Song

I get lost in music. Not the notes on paper, or in the strumming of an orchestra without a voice. But in the lyrics. The meaning of the song.

Lyrics take me away. Tell me a story. Bring the darkness out.

You know how when you find that song that matches your life, and you feel like someone else knows what wrong? It’s the one that can give you hope. A little spectacle of light when you feel like you can’t say what’s wrong to the world. That song is the one that reads 50 under the “Play Count” on itunes.

That’s what is amazing about music. The story never gets boring, it never fades away like the ink of a book. It’s solid. You know that every time you press that “Play” button it will be the same. But the meaning, the meaning, will change as many times as you feel scared, stressed, hurt, angry, lost, happy, secure, confident, the list could go on forever, but the song will always be there.

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