Catch me if you Can

The boy balanced on the rail and surveyed his domain. He sighed as he looked at the ground 25 feet below him and laughed as his friends caught up to him and immediatley began to try and convince him to come down. He just looked back out over the city from his high perch, the wind blowing his hair around his ears and beckoning him with promises of adventure. He smiled at this thought; he found it funny how he thought of himself in 3rd person.

His parents rushed up from behind him momentarily startling him as they rushed from the far door of the parking garage. A policeman followed them to his surprise. They must actually care about him now he thought. Doubt and anger soon followed that thought.

He glanced back at his friends and then back out into open space. He sighed and felt the wind ruffle his hair and beckon again. He smiled rakishly and looked back at his “mom” and winked. Then he took a nosedive off the parking garage.

They saw him hit the ground and roll and then take off running and laughing.

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