Junkies know junkies

3:45 AM The Topeka Kansas FBI field office was lit by 1 light that looked like it should have died with the dinosaurs that was surrounded by a dust bowl like cloud of cigar smoke.
The agent kneeled over a huge pile of evidence, desperately looking for an answer in a mangled gordian not of questions.
“Zig you look like a zombie man there isn’t anything in that junk that is going to bring red back.”
“no offense captain but you have a wife at home all i have is this junk and a forty five and a job now let me do it i am off the clock” Zig replied in a low tone without even looking up.
“lock up when you leave zig”

The agent put his hand into a shiny purse britney had dropped by his wifes dead body after stealing the ford fairlane she was test driving for his birthday, and smiled.
He pulled the small blue balloon from the handbag and dumped its contents into the spoon he used to use for coffee.

he smiled and leaned back as the world went underwater
“got you, china white from Bicycle Mike”

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