A sensible (or not so sensible) first date [ideal first date challenge]

Well, I must say, when I picture a perfect date, I imagine moonlit picnics on a hill. Well, I guess you never really get to find those in real life. Always in dreams and fairy tales I guess. No, the sensible first date is something different, something not sensible at all.

A sensible first date is on a cheery, bright morning, heading to work with a cup of coffee. On your way to work, you trip on those new sparkling high heels you got, that may have been a little to high. Since you tripped, you happen to fall into freshly laid cement, still wet enough for you to sink right on in. Now your office attire is covered in cement, and to top it off, your coffee is all over you too.

Now on this sensible first date, there shall be a guy, kind enough to come to your rescue, and pull you out of the cement. He shall ask if you are alright, if you need anything at all. You will reply no. Then the man shall ask if he may give you ride home, and if you would like to go out for some coffee. Of course you reply yes.

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