Curiosity killed the cat.

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Barrows the skinny tomcat said,”I don’t see how gettin as high as the killers is gonna help you catch them”
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“just shut up and answer the door while i load these clips”
“Zig its sounds like a cop knock and you are fuct up like a lab rat if you think a cat can answer the door”
Zig shook his head and barked, “you cant talk your a cat, and I AM THE COPS ” as he opened the door to the world’s loudest toe haired six year old.

“Mr can you stop by the bank and tell my daddy that mommy is havin the baby?”

He wasn’t sure she was real, but when it became clear she was only going to accept yes he said, “yeah it’s on my way” and slammed the door.

“Man you are way too high to do this”

“Britney and Jared shot my wife like this, AND THEY WERE PRETTY ACCURATE TOO SO WHY DONT YOU GET OFF MY BACK .”
Then the silence was deafening as he looked up at the cleaning lady, who had just witnessed a grown man with two 45’s having a shouting match on the stairs with a tomcat.

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