There is a Power [Part of "Five Years Later", A Simon Story]

Simon entered with an odd bird perched on his shoulder, a pulsing coral in his hand, a 2-foot-tall rodent with rabbit ears next to him, and a soulful eyed-raptor behind him.

“Dad,” the rodent spoke, “look at all these beautiful creatures.” His gaze followed to the Devil, still wearing a Simon suit. “You have done much wrong,” he said softly.

“A specialty.”

“I forgive you.”

I love you still, Xirm telepathed.

“Shut the fuck up!” The Devil screamed. “I reject your forgiveness!”

“I reject you,” Angela whispered. She was half-remembering something from Catholic school.

“What?” The Devil spun on his heel.

“I reject Satan,” her words became stronger, “and all of his works and all of his empty promises.”

His eyes glowered and a bit of flame shot at her. She ducked just in time.

“Only one reason it would’ve made you mad,” Blake mused. “Power of words.” Suddenly, he, Winters, Angela and Simon began at once: “I reject Satan -.”

Suddenly, each was grabbed by a fallen angel or a soldier.

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