A Uniform Not Forgotten

My closet is like most men’s. It is somewhat organized, from formal suits and ties on the right to golf-shirts on the left. Shoes are scattered across the floor, not necessarily in pairs.

I have that pair of jeans hanging…my favorites. They fit just right. They seem to get pulled off the hangar more often than others. Those two Nike golf-shirts sure are nice too.

Unlike my lovely wife, I tend to wear everything in my closet. There isn’t a single article of clothing that doesn’t get donned at least every four months.

Except one.

There’s that one hangar on the far left side. Those went to the cleaners in March, 2002 and haven’t come off the hangar since.

The sleeves are pressed to fine creases, perfectly dividing my stripes in half. The patches on both front pockets had given me a home and a family.

The only footwear in order on the floor is the set of polished boots directly below.

Why do I, after six years, still look longingly at this uniform and remember…on Memorial Day?

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