Out-of-Order Challenge - A Bargain at Twice the Price

The crowd was hard to navigate. I had slung the heavy Jansport over my left shoulder and had the duffel in my right hand. It felt awkward, like I should have been in the airport.

But I was walking down Broad ten minutes after robbing a bank. Both of my partners were dead, and I was hauling damn near a million bucks…looking all manner of suspicious.

What the hell went wrong!? I thought frantically, watching my feet move, trying to look calm.

It’s incredible what you happen to notice when the adrenaline is pumping.

An overweight guy in unfortunate plaid shorts was pumping coins into a parking meter a few yards up the street. His Taurus had a sign in the window…FOR SALE .

“Hey!” I said too loudly. “How much for the car?”

The man looked a bit startled. “Um. I’m asking five thousand for it. You lookin…”

“I’ll give you ten, cash…now.” I said, hearing sirens down the street.

“Let me get the title.” replied the man, still shocked at his good fortune.

“To Hell with the title.”

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