Milk and Honey

Sora lay in bed, pondering the events of the day. It seemed almost unreal.

She had been taken away by a sadistic vampire in the morning and brought home by the end of the day. She frowned to herself in her eternal world of black.

It did sound weird. Very much so.

Sora turned on her side, her jet black hair spilling from the side of her hair and over her eyes. She didn’t bother to brush it away. There was no difference, anyway.

After a few more minutes of tossing and turning, Sora decided to get up. She wrapped a shawl around herself, and silently heated up some milk and honey for herself.

Sora sat in her mother’s rocking chair, sipping the comforting liquid and trying to sort out her thoughts.

Soon, she laid her head back unintentionally, and fell into a dream – filled sleep.

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