Here Come the Ninjas!

“Here come the zombie-werewolf-vampire hunting ninjas! Dude, this really is the most ‘awesomest night’ ever!”

“I am mad nervous right now, G. See how I’m talkin’
again?! Toss me mah cell, time ta ring Harry Playa Potter on tha quick fast.”

“Dude I am definitely going to lose it, right now, right here! Here comes that chunky ninja brigand with the big gold chain and he’s on his cell. This can’t be happening…”

“That chump could’nt land a skank at the nowhere ninja night club. He probably playin’ dial a beast.”

“Wait, where are the thirteen berserk werewolves standing
beneath the full – hey where’s the full moon?”

“Whats ur fav color, rappa I dunno?!!”

“And how about those soulless, ghoulish, freaked out zombies?”

“Those muthas got left. They was iced by tha ninja pirates.”

“So we survived? AWESOME ! Mabye next time we should
invite my little brother along.”

“I feel ya. We can bring mah shawty playa if ya wanna.”

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