The Ultimate Soundtrack of Ultimate Awesomness

The Best:
1.Anywhere but Here-Rise Against:Im on my way to the other side/letting go of all that Iv left behind

2.Voices-Saosin:When you’re on your way down/and you’re waiting for your bodies re-entry/we speak in different voices

3.Lip Gloss and Black-Atreyu:And who the fuck do you think you are?/ that you can fucken judge me like that?

4.Paper Wings-Rise Against:Swing for the fences son/he must’v told you once/there was consequence so raise your glass now and celebrate/everything you’ve done

5.Can’t Be Saved-Senses Fail:Im stuck in a coma/stuck in a neverending sleep/and someday I will wake up/and realize I made up/Everything

6.Give It All-Rise Against-Rock Bottoms where we live/but still we dig these trenches/bury ourselves in them/backs breakin under tension

7.To be Loved-Papa Roach:Woa Il never give up/woa Il never give in/woa Il never give up/I just wanna be/wanna be loved

8.Best of Me-Starting Line:And the worst is over/you can have the best of me

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