The Fog

Fog always puts me in a bad mood.

At least, it was today. I liked to sit on the window bench and look at the trees, the skyline, and other such things of nature. But today, I couldn’t seem to see anything at all. The fog had rolled in pretty suddenly, blocking out the afternoon sunlight. I sighed and stood up. I suppose I could entertain myself with something else.

I walked into the kitchen and stopped suddenly. Was that movement at the window? It was so fast, I couldn’t tell for sure what it was. Or if it had even happened. I could be seeing things. I took a step forward and looked a little closer. Nothing but fog.

I tried to calm myself down by telling myself it was nothing. Why did it scare me so much? Because I was alone. Because fog usually meant something bad was going to happen.

Only in movies. I laughed at myself and turned away from the window. It was nothing.

I heard a rapping noise in the other room. My breathing stopped and I was suddenly frozen solid. So it wasn’t my imagination.

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