Missing Sunlight

The sun set hours ago, but it was still light.

Odd, Adrian thought. He looked toward the sky, but it only seemed as if the sun was still shining, though it had already disappeared beyond the horizon.

He tried to ignore the light as he set to work tinkering with his car. It had broken down just a short ways past the Nafern farm. Out in the middle of nowhere.

Adrian knew a little bit about cars, but only enough to make him seem smart when talking to other people about them. As he looked down at the slightly smoking engine, he knew he was probably going to have to get help.

The light in the sky was getting brighter. Adrian looked up again. What was going on?

A flash. Above the farm. It felt blinding to him. He fell to the ground, rubbing his eyes. A few moments later, he could see again. Jumping up, he looked towards where the flash had been.

The barn was on fire. Adrian ran towards it.

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