Unwanted Guests

Before she could say a word, Tuttle and Walden had shoved passed Chelsea into the conjoined living room/kitchen and were already making themselves at home. The two officers sat down on the couch and kicked their feet up onto the coffee table. Chelsea stared in awe, overwhelmed by the confusion.

Noticing her stare, Tuttle and Walden each scooted to either end of the couch and offered Chelsea a seat in the middle. In too much shock to think for herself, Chelsea found herself plunked down between two officers, sinking in between couch cushions.

“We have dreadful news, I’m afraid,” Tuttle warned. “So if you’ll just take a deep breath—”

“Your parents were killed in a car-jacking this afternoon!” Walden blurted.

Tuttle held up the warning finger at Walden, unaware of how eventful this news was.

“Oh I’m sorry, I just couldn’t contain myself,” Walden excused.

Tuttle, being the more thoughtful of the two, patted Chelsea on the back twice before moving on. However, Walden’s questions were drowned out by sobbing.

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