Two Disasters

Chelsea’s sob, however; was more of a cough while tears trickled down her face. She didn’t know what to believe; it was all happening so fast. Too fast.

“Do you have any relatives?” Walden repeated.

Chelsea didn’t have time to say, “My only family was my parents and now they’re dead!” Chelsea didn’t even have time to say “no.”

She made it to the bathroom just in time. She was sick, only this time she had no free doctors right in the next room to find out exactly what was wrong and nurse her back to health. Instead, in the next room, were two disastrous men who clearly knew nothing about children. They had less social skills than Chelsea, who had never talked to anyone before.

The words, “My, what have you been eating?!?!” coming from over her shoulder made her realize there was only one disaster in the next room.

Tuttle was standing over her shoulder, as if observing some catastrophe he would need to pass a quiz on.
The other disaster was rummaging through the Selsia parent’s desk looking for an answer.

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