the dream: part 7 the conversation.. kinda.

“uhm. okay” i looked away, in even more embarrasment. I HATE MY LIFE !

after class, i was walking towards my friends, when i felt someone grab my hand and just start running leading me somewhere, i couldnt help but just go along and let him pull me. we got to the other side of the school extremely fastt. “ WOAH ... carter, what was thattt?” i bet i wasnt making sense again. he just looked at me with a huge smile and said something completely normal, “hey, whats up?” “uhm.. nothing, wait how did we get here so fast?” “the school isnt that big Mandy” “mandy, how did you know thats was my nickname?” dumb question considering everyone calls me that. “Nevermind” i said faster than he could respond. the conversational stopped, i had nothing to say…..
2 minutes
3 minutes
we both stood in silence leaning against the wall. i had totally forgotten it was lunch and i was starving.
“hey, uhm.. do you wanna head over to the lunch tables?” i asked.
“oh, yeah, sure.”
we began to walk over to my friends.

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