the dream: part 8 the lunch tables

on our way, it was completely bad, he was a pretty cool guy, kind of mysterious in a way, but it was interesting. “so whyd you come so late in the year?” i asked him, having to look up, i had never realized how tall he was. “uhm.. it was a last minute move i guess, my family and i had to move that week, and this was the first place we found. ” “oh, i see. well, thats cool. but graduation is like extremely close, how are you even gonna manage to graduate?”
” i did all the work already.”
“how did you do that?”
“uhm..” he stopped, trying to think of something to say, it couldnt be that hard of a question, but maybe to him it was. “it was easy.”
i thought i should stop with the 20 questions and then we arrived at the tables.
“hey, uhm. do you wanna sit with us?” i asked, just hoping maybe he would say yes, pathetic.. i know.
he sat down, and the girls conversations totally stopped and all looked at him.
“hey” he said.

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