the dream: part 9 HE LIKES YOU

Everyone looked at him an just said, “hey carter.” all at the exact same time.
he looked at me, with a shy smile. i smiled back.
the conversations started again and it went bak to normal. Carter actually started to talk a little but the way he talked to me, and everyone else was way different. i dont know how, was it his tone of voice, his facial expressions, or just the stuff he said. it made me wonder, most of the thing about him made me wonder. lunch was almost over when all the girls got up from the table, dragged me to the bathroom, leaving Carter at the table. alone,

“MANDY! what is going on with you and Carter?” all the girls exclaimed. “nothing.. hes a cool guy.” “mandy, you have to understand, you are like the only person he really ever talked to here.”
” and youre point is,,,,” i said,
“HE LIKES YOUU !!!” they all yelled.
we all started cracking up, until the school aid came and told us to get out.
we went back to Carter, when we realized the guys started to talk to him too.

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