How could she have left him there? It was stupid to think she could trust him when he had pointed the gun at her head. And yet, she had left him. He was alone, miserable, and without her he was nothing.
What could she even do?
She tried changing him. That didn’t seem to work.
She tried accepting him. She was far from doing that.
She tried forgetting him…but she couldn’t resist being without him.

She touched her eye; it was still tender. She sighed, just as the dark clouds above began to crackle; thunder shattered the darkness, showing what was left of the world. It was destroyed; gone. There was only rubble, death, broken lives, and no hope.

She needed someone. Soon, everything would be utterly gone, and what was hope without someone there to share it with? She turned around and crawled through the narrow passages in the broken rock. This had been their shelter, their home for the last five months.

She was going back; she needed someone, and he needed someone as well.

There was no one.

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