Gossip :Always about you!

I spun around and looked her in the eyes. “Is there really anything else that you need to say to me?”

“Uh yeah there is. I never really liked Tim. I just said that to make us closer!” She said.

“You said that to me to make us ‘closer’. All it’s done is drive us apart. You really shouldn’t play with someone’s emotions like that. It put a lot of pressure on me.” I said loudly almost walking away for the second time.

“What? How did it put pressure on you?” she was screaming again…for the second time.

“I had to do all the dirty work! I had to : find out out who he liked, find out if he would go out with you, then tell him that I ‘thought’ wrong and that you don’t really like him!” I screamed.

“Why is everything always about you?” She startled me with this question.

“What?” I stared dumbly at her.

“Why, why, is it always about you?” Caitlyn replied.

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