Son of a…, and it all went black.

5 Minutes earlier

“Do you have it?” Kyle was nervous, more so than usual for a hiest.

Leon smiled as added the last magnet to the safe, “Yah, just give me a minute, I need one more thing.” He reached into his hand into a nearby black bag and scrounged around for about ten seconds, finally pulling out a revolver.

Kyle, facing the door out to the corridor never saw Leon near him, nor did he notice himself hitting the floor, being as that he was already dead. That is what a .22 can do.

Leon looked back at the safe and pushed a button a magnet in the middle of the five, and with a hiss it was open. He grabbed the small package and began to run, run for his life.

This was the proof he needed, the proof that would save Theresa, save her from the injection.

Stop” Leon turned his head around but kept on running, a mid-twenties security guard was behind him, gun in hand.

Leon felt the dart hit but kept running. It’s all for you Theresa, all for..

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