Bahlen the Barbarian in: Damsels and Dragons

Bahlen the Barbarian looked down at the valley below, the sunlight silhouetting his Godlike figure. The Shoru Dragon frenzied through the village. Bahlen and his accomplice, Claatu, had been tracking this beast for days. Now, drawing their swords, they were prepared to bring its slaughterous rampage to an end. Moments later they were at the foot of the hill, in full combat with the beast.

“So…?” asked Claatu as its tail, sharp as an axe, swished past his face, mere millimeters away from removing his nose.

“I don’t know,” said Bahlen, leaping in to hack the flaying appendage. “I’m kind of torn. I mean, I told myself I’d never return to the Barada Province, but if there’s anything worth going back for…” He twisted, lopping off one of the beast’s five heads. ”...It’s her.”

“Wow.” He narrowly dodged a set of jaws, then lunged for its black heart. “Would you really give up on everything you’ve built here, though?”

“Honestly?” Lunge. “I don’t know. I’m conflicted, y’know?”

“Well, that’s love for you.”

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