Me and JB 92

“Alright. You wait here, young man,” said the sales woman as she pushed me towards the dressing rooms.
“We’re almost out of stock, your lucky!” she said as she pointed towards an empty stall.
“Wait here,”. I waited in the dressing room and wondered what was going to happen. Then, I heard a familiar voice. It was Miley.
“Miley! Nice to see you again!” said the same sales lady. She left me for fifteen minutes to go help Miley Cyrus. Wow.
“It’s your birthday! How nice!”
“Yes it is! I can’t wait until my party!” said Miley. Then, I finally realized something. She was in Roxy, shouldn’t I get her a gift card or something? Man, I was be ing really stupid. I burst out of the dressing room to Miley.
“What are you doing here, Jess?”
“Don’t ask,”.
“You can’t afford to shop here, can you?” No she didn’t. I had to come up with a come back.
“Nick got me a gift card for my birthday,”. I was lying.
“Oh,”. Miley pushed passed me and went into the dressing room.
“Good for you!” Here we go again.

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