It could be worse

What’s eatin you kowalski?”
“just this neighbor called me a renta cop.”
forget about it fuct im
” But he gets to me …..this is why.. He is FBI , barely 30,ford falcon, and his wife, oh, this dame is so legs i would drink her bathwater,but you know i havent seen her in a while,but i got 3 jobs huh? Anyway he is living my dream, and i am a bank gaurd what’s got 4 kids and one ordered.”
Don’t be a dumb pollack kowalski, Helen keller could see you ain’t got it bad, ya could be the moolie on life support what got shot n the head n the nigger quarters?”
“Pollack is just like nigger so quit usin it, you greasy wop that ain’t the point and the dead nigger with the fancy bike was a junkie, no loss.”
Lewanda said
LEWANDA THE SITTER , said he sold smack to put his brother in west point that is why the mob let him sell to whites
“West Point?”
A Senior too, till Hank quit and moved to the I.C.U,friday.
Hank!! The smart west point niggeryou stupid pollack

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