Gossip: A Hot Jerk Though!

“It is not always about me. How dare you say that. It is always about you! You get the guys, I do the dirt…” I started.

“Shut up about the whole ‘dirty work’ thing. I don’t care! You said ‘I’ and that is all that matters. Everything is about you!” Caitlyn said.

“No, don’t you remember the time when you went to that one party, where I wasn’t there and you made out with my boyfriend?” I said.

“Um, yeah like you haven’t done the same thing!”


I ran inside fuming! How could she say that stuff! When I do all the work for her!

“Hey Nicole, what’s up?”

“I am really not in the mood Tim…I mean Tim”I turned around”...hey!” I said gathering all that hatred towards Caitlyn and releasing it into that one ‘hey’.

“Well, I heard that someone had a huge fight over…moi?” Tim said.

“You are such a jerk!” I decided to really get back at Caitlyn, because I knew she really did still like Tim. “A hot jerk though!”

I walked away with Tim gaping.

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