the dream: part 10 MATH SUCKS!

it was very unusual to me to see everyone talking to him, like he was, well, normal.
i didnt see him as normal at all, but then again i saw him differently. the bell rang and it was time for the next class.
from the side of my eye i saw him staring at me all class, his intensity started to intimidate me even more now. i turned to look at him, but faster than i could imagine, he made it look as though he was never looking at me at all.

“dude, i hate math.”\
“its not that bad, really. its pretty easy.”
“puh-leassseee. haha. you must have flunked a few years or something.” i cant believe that came out of my mouth.
he laughed, “something like that.” and just smiled.
“so i saw you talking to the guys in our class, first time?”
“yeah, they were questioning me alot and stuff. it was a little weird.”
‘Weird is the definition you get when you talk about the guys in our class, you gotta love them.”
“so would i fall under that category?”
“uhm. sure.” i got a little embarrased again.

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