The Rainbow

The girl was having the worst day of her life. Or as she thought. Some people just dont understand how much it hurts to know what he has said to you. He wont wait for me. She walked out of her house crying… wishing it would rain. Just poor. And as she sat down on the curb wishing everything would just disapear. Out of the blue… it rains harder, and harder. As the black drops of salted liquid fall into her hands she can’t believe how much she has said that she doesnt mean. And she can’t believe that she let herself keep saying all of those things. When he finally came out of his silent conversations. They both realized how much they really cared about each other. “Its crazy” she said. As he helped her up. The rain finally started to subside. And out of the dark gray sky he pointed and said,” Look, a rainbow, what perfect timing”. Little did he know she was the girl who controlled the weather by her mood. No one knows about that girl who’s never been loved. She just wants to be happy. Make someone’s day !

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