Cat got your tongue

Where did i put the guns i know i brought em
” GO!! in the bank and tell yo neighbor his wife is in labor, before the kid goes to preschool & the bank closes I told you when we first pulled up, they were on the frigg”
Then why didn’t you grab them
“yeah… it’s the cat’s fault that the FBI agent did too much heroin to bring his sidearm.”
In a haze Zig locked his keys in the car & walked around the back of the car, because he was parked too close to the fairlane in front of him.
“Look man why didnt u hit that car maybe it would have helped you deal with what happened to your wife.”
Shut the fuct up and never mention her name to me EVER YOU HEAR ME I ’LL KILL YOUR SMART ASS
When he looked up he saw the couple froze half way into the fairlane.
I don’t think the cat can talk its just his attitude that..just fuctin nevermind
The couple sped off from the awkwardness of zig and Barrows the cat, when the alarm sounded and the second gaurd yelled

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