“Another package, another dollarâ€?

“Another package, another dollarâ€? I keep repeating this as I follow up the unsafe staircase.

Now I’m in a room with a single lamp at the other end of the room. The man we’ll call Teeth from now on, puts the package on a shelf. Teeth then grabs a suitcase.

“This package is locked, it has a chip inside of it. I’ll have your exact location while it’s with you.”

Teeth walks over to me setting the large breifcase next to me, a chain is connected to a handcuff, he quickly slaps it onto my left wrist.

“If I see you stop moving for more than thirty minutes, you are telling me you’re trying to cut the chain, at that point I send someone to kill you. If this package isn’t recieved by my brother in three days…I’ll send someone to kill you.”

He hands me a bundle of money and directions.

“Have fun” He says

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