Change of Plan

I stood up in front of everyone, who were waiting for the ceremony to begin. Even though Nick and I were not of the same religion, he had asked me to perform his wedding.

We had known each other since grade school. In college we had followed different paths, but still kept in touch. A few minutes ago Nick presented a challenge.

“Sorry for the delay. ” I announced. “If I could have the best man, groomsmen, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and the couple’s parents join me inside the hotel. We have a slight change of plan.”

The whispers started. So far so good. They all started to walk towards the hotel. Now the tricky part.

“Oh, and if Amber McMillian could join us as well. Thank you.”


The maid of honor stared icy daggers at me. I could sense Nick’s parents realized what my last request meant. The tricky part was to get certain people out and let them know that Nick had changed his mind.

A few minutes ago, he decided not to marry Jane, but Amber instead. She was the one he truly loved.

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