How My Life was Ruined (And I'm not Being Dramatic)

There he stood. Perfect as ever. Dark brown, curly hair looked messy and damp. He wore faded jeans and a deep black sweatshirt. And, of course, surrounded by his usual posse of his hot friends. But he stands out. Sigh. Lance. He’s is the hottest guy in the whole school. And he decides to notice me now. Great. I am holding a blood-drenched tissue up to my nose and lip, covered with Hello Kitty band-aids, and crying. Half because of the pain, half because I’m embarrassed out of my mind. I’m walking towards the office to call my mom Lance just stands there, staring, leaning against a wall. On of his friends, Bill, starts laughing. Then his malicious girlfriend, Kelly, points. And laughs. Loud. Too loud. Then she turns toward her best friend, Angela, and whispers something, and they are both practically on the floor. And I just keep walking, pretending I don’t see them, with the hand that isn’t holding the bloody tissue in my pocket. Oh, and you’re probably wondering why my nose and lip are all messed up.

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