Christmas Stranger

When Ana heard the knock at the door, she was surprised. It was Christmas Eve, after all. She put down her cup of coffee and pulled her robe tighter.
As she opened the door, Ana saw a tall figure wrapped up in many layers of clothing to protect themselves from the blizzard that was coming through the area that night. “Hello,” a gruff voice said, “my car broke down. Is it possible you could help me? Your house just looked so warm and inviting.”
Ana laughed. “Well, I try hard to decorate as much as I can. I love the spirit of Christmas.”
“Yes,” the stranger said as he took off his hat and scarf to reveal a handsome face, “I love Christmas, too.” The man smiled to reveal an adorable dimple. “Though I hope I’m not causing too much trouble.”
Ana didn’t mind the man’s company at all. She was alone this Christmas because of her boyfriend leaving her. “No, it’s fine. Um, come in. Would you like some coffee? Hot chocolate? Anything?”
“I’m all right. Though, I have to ask you one thing…”

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