the dream: part 11 LQ!

“So, what high school are you going to?” i asked.
“uhm.. not exactly sure yet, you?”
“La Quinta!”
“thats cool. arent most of your friends going to that one school, the catholic one or Palm desert?”
“uhm, yea, howd you know that?”
“the girls in this class are very… loud.”
i laughed, and he smiled. Something about the way we talked just seemed to… well, click. Most of the things about him made me curious and intrigued me to him. Was I falling for him, or was it too soon to tell? I wasnt sure at all.
The rest of the week was just a normal week of school, but, he has missed the last part of the week. wednesday, thursday, and friday he was gone. I found myself looking for him, hoping he would show up each of those days, but there was no sign of him. It made me completely sad, and i had no reason why. was it because i missed him? but then again, how can you miss someone you hardly know? i started to think i sounded ridiculous, always thinking about him, and having the same dream as before..

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