Fury of The Superjudge!

Dazed, L.G. Gates dragged himself out of the ‘thopter wreckage, shaking debris from his dreads and straightening his tie. “Bloody demigods,” he muttered, extricating Ellie, her face covered in blood, from the shattered cockpit.

“Which way did he go?” Ellie asked, wiping blood from her eyes.

Gates shrugged. “Dunno. Through there, maybe?”

The Superjudge had cut a swath of desolation through the spaceport, leaving an Imperial Legion scattered across the courtyard like broken toy soldiers. Ellie stared in disbelief as she and Gates followed The Superjudge’s trail of devastation.

“Jesus, Lem. An entire Legion?”

“These poor sods are out of their depth; they don’t stand a chance.”

In the distance: An explosion. Gunfire. Screams.

“Christ. If The Superjudge gets to his ship and breaks atmo‚Ķ” Ellie cried.

Gates readied his weapon, the infamous Sonic Reducer. “No worries, love. There’s no way I’ll let that cosmic-wank stain destroy the Earth,” he said with a fearless grin.

“It’s where I keep all me stuff.”

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