Hey, Mister DJ...Where'd the Tequila Go?

By the time that there were only a handful of people left at the party, and when the DJ began playing Queen, dedicating “We are the champions” to his “best bro,” Steve (Jameson had a feeling the deej had been imbibing some Tequila, too, as he saw him stash a bottle behind a stack of records), Sassy and Becca suddenly disappeared. Just like that.

“Hey, where the pretty ladies go?” Jameson asked Paul. Or at least he directed the question at the hazy figure seated to his right.

“What’cha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis. The pretty ladies are right here!” Paul leered as he pulled two girls onto his lap. The girls squealed but made no move to escape.

Jameson chuckled and tilted the Tequila bottle back to drink some more only to discover that there was nothing left. He turned to complain to Paul that the Tequila had inexplicably dried up and found the couch empty.

Paul and the “pretty ladies” were gone. Becca and Sassy were gone. And now Jameson was left alone with an empty Tequila bottle, the DJ, and oh yeah, Queen.

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